Lynn Aldrich: Un/Common Objects, survey exhibition at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA 2013

Inspired by landscape, light and color in nature, and aspects of various natural environments, I make art with references to my experience of living in a culture that is fragmented, vernacular, and oriented toward artificiality and consumerism. The impetus for the work is to increase perception and wonderment while instigating questions -- to create a platform for both conceptual analysis and poetic reflection in the mind of the viewer.

My thinking is grounded in Realism or what is actually present, influenced by scientific empiricism, but open to the Romanticism of a spiritual or sacred longing for revelation and authentic transcendence --what I would call ‘hyper-desire’. This is the profound paradox at the core of all true religion and artistic activity.

Materials are ordinary, but I would like to generate notions of grandeur or the sublime through formal decisions, shifts in scale, and placement within the architecture. I am seeking a reinvestment in physicality -- the real time and space of sculptural installation is a reminder that one lives life in a body, limited contaniner for an extravegant conciousness.