Artist Statement: This installation is part of a one person exhibition titled More Light Than Heat, 2015, that includes sculpture and wall constructions made from ordinary materials purchased from hardware and garden supply stores, office supply stores, hobby shops and other consumer outlets. This work reflects my continued interests in the simplicity and honesty of Minimalism, the alternating translucence and physicality of California Light and Space, the observation of the beauty and wonder of nature and the natural sciences, environmentalism as rescue from disappearance, and spiritual longing.

Rosy Future fills one corner of the gallery, Edward Cella Art+Architecture, and consists of a dark wheel of tar paper rolling behind a stack of sheetrock. Some panels are partially cut with rose window shapes, and black dry wall screws form a spiral galaxy on the gallery floor. A six foot diameter window, made from four layers of sheetrock, emerges from the attached drywall panels. Window insets are painted in matte shades of rose magenta from very dark to pale pink.The shapes then emerge in a sunrise of oil glazes, also suggesting a rotating galaxy.