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Vinyl rain downspouts, elbows, glass mosaic tiles, cement board.
102 x 45 x 45 inches
Arid Aqueous
Galvanized steel rain downspouts, elbows, exterior enamel.
94 x 18 x 18 inches
Streams in the Desert
Galvanized steel rain downspouts, elbows, exterior enamel.
53 x 86 x 56 inches
Water Feature
Galvanized steel downspouts, exterior enamel.
51 x 84 x 57 inches

The first three sculptures above were commissioned by Kite Pharma, Inc, located at 1800 Stewart Street, Santa Monica, CA. They are on view, day or night, in the outdoor walkway, until the fall of 2020. Direct any inquiries to DENK Gallery, Los Angeles.
I am working on a series of sculptures suitable for outdoor installation that I call water features, to be placed in gardens but without the use of real water. They are constructed from manufactured rain downspout components screwed together into forms that retain the essence of their original function. Hopeful, even spiritual, metaphors long associated with water are combined with a reminder to conserve what we increasingly recognize as precious but precarious – the world’s fresh water supply and life supporting oceans.