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O, Magnify, 2019, at DENK Gallery, Los Angeles, consists of a 14' x 5' cardboard tube installation and nine additional works that refer to natural phenomena like light and water, flora and fauna, stars and galaxies.

The Hermitage
Stacked Sonotubes
14' H x 5' Diameter
Open door to The Hermitage
Cardboard tube, door handles, shag carpet.
5' x 2.5' (opening)
Inside The Hermitage, view looking up
oil paint on plexiglas circles
5' diameter
Sign next to The Hermitage entrance
Chalk on sidewalk sign (blackboard)
3.5' x 2.5'
Tar Pit
Tar felt, cardboard, plastic, LED lights, battery.l
20 x 60 x x 60 inches